Faux Finishes


Italia Paint Co. Creates fresh finishes that can complete bring your walls to live. Our work has been displayed in exclusive mansions, commercial buildings and have been part of artistic efforts throughout the country. Our creative advise and expertise can make the works of your imagination a reality. Among many techniques we specialize in transforming plain wallboard into premium quality surfaces, faux finished walls. From traditional plaster and stucco wall finishes to compliment a rustic or country kitchen to slick modern faux wall finishes that enhance the most current and chic interiors.

Through the use of Faux Finishing in plain white PVC columns may be transformed into Mahogany, Marble or Coral Stone at a fraction of the price of replacing them. White metal entrance doors can become rich dark Teak Wood. We also apply gold, silver leaf and wood grain to crown molding and furniture, turning overlooked detail into beautiful accents.