This was a fun job and very effective. The homeowner wanted a special place in the basement. Because one of her favorite places was Italy, she called us to do the plastering. You can see the mural as your walking down the stairs. Then taking a left you are no longer in Atlanta. The walls have a grassello on them. The look was achieved with multiple coats of Italian plasters. Even though the walls looks like it is a ruff texture, it is perfectly smooth. As smooth as glass with the feel of marble. This is truly an authentic Tuscany look. Not just an interpretation of a Tuscany look. The door is just a regular cheap flat door she bought at Home Depot. With the aid of some paint and glazes I transformed this plain door into a 400 year old door of Italian decent.
The home owner worked from home and loved her space so much she decided to move her office down in the basement. Away from the kids, her husband and all the distractions. She said we had created her own personal paradise. She gave us total creative reign on this project. In return we gave her our very best creative work.
Many times people want to do something different in their basement but have no idea what. Hopefully this may inspire someone else to do Italian Decoration in their basement.