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Antonino Giangrasso

Italia Paint Co is a professional Decorative finishes, general paint and decorative cement applicator. With more than ten years in the industry, our expertise are based on the authentic Italian Plasters that have been taught for generations. Our philosophy when handling jobs is based on an obsessive attention to detail and the unspoken originality that comes only after hundreds of jobs and extensive training. We believe in a job that makes a lasting impression no matter the size of the job. As the artistic trends transition to different effects and environmental awareness, Italia Paint Co continues to take the lead by utilizing and promoting green, earth friendly products. We know that not all Venetian Plaster is created equal and we leave the choice up to our clients. Whether you wish a lime based plaster that will last and provide a non-toxic environment for your home or office, or you wish the simple and sometimes cost effective synthetic plaster, we can meet your needs.

Our founder, Antonino Giangrasso, Italian by birth is recognized among the few artists that both understand and create authentic color wash and plaster in the ancient tradition as well as employing modern and ever evolving techniques. Mr. Giangrasso, is deeply rooted in the art of Plasters and has be known to be both a creator and promoter of unique finishes for some of the most exclusive interior and exterior project throughout the country. It is from this leadership, that we embark in these ever growing industry with an insatiable for quality, green based, authentic, original finishes.

Whether you are an architect or interior designer, we can help you with designs and expert advice for your next project. We can provide you with sample work as well as technical details on product content, coverage, color variance and any details that may be required to produce the required job. To begin your next project, partner with a cutting edge company for both commercial as well as residential jobs. Contact us and learn how we can help you on your next artistic interior or exterior project.




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